SSL’s 3 Layers of Protection and How They Aid Your Firm’s SEO

August 3, 2016 / GuidesFor Team

SSL and SEO have pretty much been joined at the hip since Google announced that the utilization of security measures in websites would affect its search rankings. Earlier this year, Google took the step further, announcing that it would not prioritize websites that still use outdated, unencrypted security protocols. Indeed, for your business’ online presence, there’s really no other way than to ensure that you have the best type of protection possible, such as that which is offered by SSL.

This article articulately discusses the relationship between Google’s SEO guidelines and how your adoption of SSL could help your website rank higher. After all, when it comes to your business’ online presence, it is recommended to pull out all stops to ensure your website gets the best traffic possible. Read on for more. — Peter de Jesus 

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