Consequences of Failing to Renew Your SSL Certificate

August 31, 2017 / GuidesFor Team

Some products have their own expiry date, or some, best before dates, if you don’t consume or throw it away before the given date, then you’d better go get yourself a new one. The same principle practically applies to SSLs. It’s never enough to just buy and install one, you’d better know when or how to renew it as well unless you want it to become useless.

In this Evancarmichael website, one of their contributors listed the reasons why it’s important to renew SSL certificates in  a timely manner. It’s basically: to make your website secure and keep customers’ trust. But what happens if you don’t renew your SSL certificates, or perhaps forgot to do it? Here’s what can happen to you – and you do want to avoid them.. – Mayvilyn Cabigao

Read the source article at Know about SSL and the latest threats

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