Reasons Why You Should Make the Jump to HTTPS

August 31, 2017 / GuidesFor Team

Every single year, technology continues to evolve, and it does that to find more and more ways to serve people better. However, it’s worth noting that, because there are always advancements, it also means cyber criminals are are also catching up, not wanting to get left behind. They find more and more ways to improve their web arsenal, placing at risk the information that both companies and consumers put out on the interwebs. 

In this article by OnCrawl, according to a study by Mozcast, “websites appearing in the top positions of Google that are served on a https protocol is up from 25% in January (2016) to 40% (26/10/2016).” Google now seems to prioritize sites that have legitimate SSL certificates because they are more secure. 

Considering the tides of events involving SSL, getting one should be in your priority list. Read on for more. – Mayvilyn Cabigao

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