Forced Chrome Log-in Raises Eyebrows

January 15, 2019 / GuidesFor Team

As much as it has become a brand, Google has become an actual verb used by people when they pertain to going online to ‘search’ for something. Thus, Google remains at the top spot of leading web browsers as of August 2018. In fact, Statista breaks this down into two: Chrome for Android is at 30.14 percent, followed by Chrome 68 at 18.79 percent. With most people regularly going on ‘Google,’ Google maintains their services with regular fixes and updates. Recently, users all over the world were taken aback by the major facelift that Google has announced. But aside from the aesthetics, users have also noticed that they are being forced to log into Chrome without prior consent. Read this article from CSO to know the details about this privacy concern that has people raising their eyebrows. – Regina Ongkiko

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